What I find hilarious is the willful ignorance of people who simply don’t want to know where their food comes from, or assume that because it’s sold at Whole Foods that it’s past is somehow less horrific. Meat comes from animals, at least until the day that we grow meat cultures like an Easy Bake Oven recipe.

If you couldn’t guess; this comic is inspired by the same ex-girlfriend who refused to drink anything blue, or eat any kind of meat that looked like meat. Defying the laws of chemistry, if you were to alter the shape of the exact same denatured proteins, it became magically palatable.  She also wanted to own a potbelly pig, yet still ate bacon.

I should also add that bacon is delicious, and this comic is by no means an endorsement for or against vegetarianism. Though perhaps it is antagonistic with regards to McNuggets.

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