Kate’s on her way!

I’m excited for the story to be gaining momentum, and to have the characters somewhat established so I can really start exploring more skeptical topics.

I also accidentally posted last weeks comic a day early before putting up any links, and was excited to see that many of you had done that for me on facebook! I appreciate it! The reason why I love Skeptic events and conventions is because I get to talk about these topics with people and see their reaction when I show them a related comic. It’s tough to get that kind of feedback from a website. I need to figure out a way to facilitate some of that interaction… maybe if I live-stream a comic drawing, or a Carbon Dating podcast planning meeting?

Contact us on facebook or twitter with your suggestions for our next topic! We are getting together this weekend to do some researching and planning for our next Skeptics In The Pub, Science After Dark, and podcast recording. We are thinking psychosomatic illnesses and imaginary allergies (thanks for the updated info Science Based Medicine!). Do you have stories or experiences? We want to hear them! You can also tweet Abbey or Ben directly.

↓ Transcript
Yeah, I'm almost there. No, I'm not nervous. I mean, I haven't seen him in a few years.

Oh, the interview. Right- Yes its the same rob you met before.

Yes of course, but we've never thought about each other that way. Because we haven't.

No, mother, I haven't tried sexting him.

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