To be honest, I didn’t know much about online dating when I wrote these comics. For comedic inspiration, I offered all my single friends a paid subscription to a dating service in exchange for details of theirĀ embarrassingĀ intimate experiences. Somehow I couldn’t convince any of them to take me up on the offer, though several of them did then secretly join of their own volition and hide the fact from me. WHY DON’T PEOPLE WANT TO BE IMMORTALIZED IN WEBCOMICS?

Our bags have been packed for nearly a week, and we finally leave tomorrow for our Vegas Honeymoon! Like a greedy kid on Christmas Eve, I can’t sleep. We have tickets to see Penn & Teller and Zumanity, hopping around the strip before settling down at South Point Casino for The Amazing Meeting 2013. We are planning a night on Freemont Street and my favorite bar in the world, Insert Coins. Then, after nearly two years of development, I will finally unveil Carbon Dating to the world!

I’ve tried to tell Abbey several times; it’s not gambling if you know you’re going to win.

↓ Transcript
The idea that I'm going to simply bump into a compatible woman is antiquated.

It's the Age of social networking! Everybody meets people online, it's normal now.

Planes can land themselves, why shouldn't I trust a matchmaking supercomputer?

Do you need me to click submit?

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