The Amazing Meeting 2013 was a great experience. I met a number of great people working hard to promote science, and heard fantastic moving speeches by leaders such as Dan Ariely. I was also able to record interviews with a few podcasters and bloggers, and line up some very exciting opportunities that I am looking forward to sharing. My liver is still recovering, but more stories will follow soon.

A highlight was being able to hang out with some new friends and peers in the skeptics movement; Jeffrey Weston, Sara Mayhew, and Kyle Hill (Kyle happens to have fantastic hair and supplied the inspiration for this comic). If the talks by these individuals indicate anything, it’s that humor and cartoons may soon be a powerful tool for popularizing science.

I was also just introduced to the power of Reddit, and am now posting there as CarbonKyle.

↓ Transcript
Finally, blogging done. Now it's time to write.

What are you doing?
I have no ideas. Everything sucks. Life is over.

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