It’s time for a talk.

I appreciate the concern shown here and through social media. The comic has been absent for almost a month and I owe all of you an explanation. Both Elisa and I have fallen on some hardships that have monopolized all our time and caused us to break contract with you, the reader.

Yes, I’ll be discontinuing Carbon Dating updates.

The hardcover collection is an achievement that I am very proud of, and one that I couldn’t have made without your support through Patreon and Kickstarter. However, comics demand a lot of uncompensated hours that we just couldn’t keep up with anymore – even if these characters meant a lot to me.

I plan on finishing personalized comics for supporters who have been waiting way too long to see them. After that, we’ll be wrapping things up and replacing the old black and white archive with the colored versions that appeared in the book.

Sometimes writing comics can feel like shouting into the void of the internet, but I’ve gotten to know many of you over the years through comments and interactions at conventions – and I hope that we can stay in touch. I do have some science communication projects on the horizon that I’m looking forward to sharing with you.

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