Listen to my first interview on Skeptic Zone with interviewer Penny Chan at TAM! My part starts at +24:30. (Don’t tell anyone, but Richard Saunders was there too – holding the microphone!)

Skeptic Zone Episode #250

I guess I will have to get used to the sound of my voice for the Carbon Dating Podcast we are working on! I thought I did okay, except for a few slurred words. What can I say? There was a lot of drinking and critical thinking going on.

Dragon*Con is coming fast, and Derek of the Skepticality podcast made sure our booth is near the Skeptrack¬†venue. I wasn’t expecting to be able to get a table, so now comes the scramble to get everything made and printed! (If anyone knows a good place to get table banners made quickly, please let me know!)

My wife Abbey and my Skeptics In The Pub cohost Ben Bell are coming as well, where we will record our first Carbon Dating podcast episode! We will be giving away preview books, fliers, goodies, sketches, and hand-inked comic originals. Big thanks to Trent of DropFox Sound for helping with the podcast music, and he’ll be there too!

As a preview, I’m making zipper pulls from¬†that will look something like this:



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