For those of you who have asked for more frequent updates, I am with you. Twice a week isn’t enough to explore the topics and characters with the depth they deserve.

KickstarterSo we’re launching a Kickslammer!

With your help, I will be able to hire and artist full-time to bring you new Carbon Dating comics EVERY DAY. We’ll also be able to sustain a Carbon Dating Podcast, host regular Google+ Hangouts with you guys, and support science outreach.

The Amazing Meeting

UPDATE (Thurs 10th):

I had a great time during my Amazing Meeting workshop on Thursday morning, and I’m currently manning my exhibit table in the main atrium. I secretly had Abbey hit “launch” today around  noon, but I’ll send out the emails and press releases tomorrow.

We will be sure to take lots of video during the convention and add frequent updates throughout the campaign. You can help by sending this link to ALL THE PEOPLE:

UPDATE (Friday the 11th, 7 am)

You helped us reach $1350, almost half of our initial goal in under 18 hours. Elisa and I are a little shocked, and excited to roll out the stretch goals! We want to give you as much for your contributions as we possibly can, and we need help to think of projects that you want to see. Please leave a comment with your ideas (beyond color and a podcast) and we’ll try to make it happen.

Every tweet helps, so please continue to get the word out and we’ll start scheming in our evil laboratory.

UPDATE (Sunday the 13th)


Today around noon, in under THREE DAYS, we reached our initial funding goal.

Elisa and I are pumped, and optimistic we can reach our ultimate goal of $6000 so that we can make Carbon Dating in full color!

UPDATE (Monday the 14th)

We’ve announced the STRETCH GOALS!

$4500 – A Carbon Dating Podcast!

Tristan and I will be hosting a live science outreach event in Colorado Springs we’re lovingly calling Super Science Mashup. We will liverecord from the events, as well as additional content specifically for Carbon Dating readers. Running a podcast is a big commitment, and we’ll recruit help to make sure it’s top notch.

$6000 – FULL COLOR!!

As Mitch would say: “LOOKING GOOD AND WINNING!” This is the stretch goal I am truly hoping for. Elisa wants to add watercolor washes in a style reminiscent of the indispensable Bill Watterson.

UPDATE (Tuesday the 15th)

Collecting my thoughts from The Amazing Meeting, I was overwhelmed by the personal support I received from many, many people and organizations just in the past week. I wanted to thank them first.

DJ Grothe of the JREF – DJ had been immeasurably supportive since we met last year, and he took a chance to include me in a TAM Workshop. Every time Abbey and I have the pleasure of interacting with DJ, he has made us feel welcome and appreciated. Thank you for making all of this possible.

Pat Linse and Michael Shermer of Skeptic Magazine – It’s no secret that my sole mission last year was to get my work into your hands. Thank you for challenging me with a full page in your fantastic publication, and for all your encouragement.

Sara Mayhew – Who’s Rising Star Grant last year was the reason I could attend the Amazing Meeting in 2013 and launch Carbon Dating. I was enthusiastic to support her grant this year, and especially to be on her panel.

And a sincere thank you to everyone who lent their support during the Amazing Meeting (in no particular order): Derek Colundano of Skepticality, William Bull of, Sharon Hill of DoubtfulNews, Emery Emery and Heather Henderson of Skeptically Yours, Jessica of the Secular Student Alliance, Ed Clint of SkepticInk, and everyone who retweeted the campaign.

My friends who helped with the Kickstarter movie: Elisa and Chris, Tristan, Dean, musician Brad Hester, voice over artist Brett Ihler, the Jones family, Larry, John, and Rick the professional cameraman who made it happen.

Lastly and especially, to my friends at TAM who whose enthusiasm for the comic is my daily motivation: Nathan Miller, ‘Larian LeQuella’, Kyle Hill, Jeffrey Weston, Richard Murray, Andrew Hansford, Dale and Travis Roy, Lei Pinter, Amanda, Celestia, and most of all for my wonderful in-laws David and Jana who attended with us this year.

I am sure I am missing people who have been a part of this last week, and I get to all the awesome Kickstarter supporters once I give everyone else a little time to get involved. I mean seriously, it’s only been five days.

UPDATE (Thursday the 17th)


I’m happy to say that we’ll be releasing a regular podcast with full episodes twice a month, and short five minute episodes inbetween. With these and the live Google hangouts, we’ll be having a lot of fun interacting with you guys!

I am going to record the next update as soon as I can get Tristan over here to do it. We’re very excited.

I’m running out of ideas for stretch goals! Color is really what I wan to happen. My wife suggests that I wax my chest as a reward. For you guys, I will. I’ll even record it.

UPDATE (Monday the 21st)

We were selected as a Kickstarter Staff Pick and are only $500 away from producing a daily comic strip in FULL COLOR! We are very excited.

UPDATE (Friday the 24th)

We just hit our stretch goal of $6000, and Carbon Dating will be in color!

Elisa and I have met several times to talk about what that will look like. She’s planning on going traditional, and using actual ink washes on the original art. We’re thinking two-tone color, something stylized that allows for the negative space of the characters (they don’t have eye outlines, so how do you do skin color?). As a preview, Erica Moen’s Bucko is an example of color style that I love.

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