Lots happening in Little Rock!

Our Indiegogo Campaign for Reason In The Rock, a conference on science and secularism coming this October, recently closed after raising $5700! I am especially proud and relieved, since I put together the video and campaign and would have been embarrassed if it flopped. Here’s the video, if any of you are within driving distance of Little Rock check out ReasonInTheRock.org. We have a lot of fantastic speakers this year:



It’s also almost my birthday, and Abbey got us tickets for Buzz Aldrin‘s lecture in Little Rock tomorrow! The moon landings are arguably the greatest achievements of mankind (relive the tension with the incredible interactive website), and as a pilot I have a massive amount of respect for these pioneers. Meeting astronaut Charlie Duke during pilot training was a highlight of my career so far, and I had already just bought a copy of Buzz’s Mission To Mars last month. The “Moon-Hoaxers” are a particular pet peeve of mine as a Skeptic. I find Buzz’s final point in this debate to be extremely satisfying.

Handled like a true American hero.


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