As an aspiring science communicator, I’ve come to appreciate the power of cute anecdotes – and I want to hear YOURS!

We are in the process of putting together the Carbon Dating hardcover, and want to include the following from our readers and friends:


Was there something unscientific you used to be into? We want to hear about what changed your mind! Was it something a friend said, or that you read, or a fact that bugged you enough to look deeper?

Or have you ever had a romantic encounter that came to an impasse over a pseudoscience? Like that one time your girlfriend tried to crystal heal you in your sleep? We definitely want to hear about it!


For any academics or science communicators, would you like to expand on any of the topics touched on in Carbon Dating? Even if only tangentially related, the book will not only be a comic collection but also a primer to many of these subjects that readers may not be familiar with.

I keep a handy tag cloud of topics in the right sidebar, or you can always email me to figure out a topic!


If you’re a comic artist, we’d like to feature your artwork in our pages!KocakGuestStrip

Get Your Copy!

Anyone who supports the Patreon campaign at the $10 per month level will receive a personalized copy!

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